Vincent Van Gogh and his chopped off ear.

Many people out there might be asking why I’m talking about Van Gogh… But to let you know, Vincent Van Gogh has been and will always be one of my legendary artists in history. Growing up as an artist, Van Gogh’s artwork has always been fascinating.

That Dutch/Post-Impressionist painter has been through a lot of phases in his lifetime and was able to depict and baffle the public through his art where he was expressing his day to day happenings. For a matter of fact, over a decade he painted more than 2000 artworks, unfortunately, he was not successful, and commit suicide a few decades later.

Which brings us when Van Gogh’s cut off his left ear as he disputed with Paul Gauguin, another artist with whom he had been working for some time in Arles. Van Gogh’s mental illness uncovered itself: he started to daydream and endured assaults in which he lost awareness. Amid one of these assaults, he utilized the blade… He could later recall nothing about the occasion.

Until next time…Goodbye!

Avinash X

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