When Nature is the Escape.

Pain changes people. Some become rude. Some become silent.  Through my art journey, I have encountered a lot of souls who have been suffering and carrying grudges. Happenings in life give us the opportunity to embrace our strength to fulfil our lifetime. Many a time people cannot do this step, eventually impacts their mental health. I have been... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to live a Creative Life

Hello guys. I hope that you are doing well. For today we are going to jump into one of the complex topics, which is "creativity". This concept is fun as it leads us to aloof from a creative life. Most people think they are not creative, which is sad because everyone is creative in his... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 6: Husky

Hey folks, how are you doing? I hope that you are doing well! For today's interpretation of Husky, I inspired by bold and strong eye contact. Through this artwork, I tried to depict the strong connection between the viewer and the eye of the figure from an artwork. Have an amazing weekend ahead! Meanwhile, share... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 5: Build

Heya! Hope that you are rocking the weekend so far. Well, the interpretation for Day 5 is inspired by Teacher's Day. Through this drawing, I express my gratitude towards my teachers for shaping my minds and guiding me through the path of reality. So, mentors, this one is for you! So, I leave you here... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 4 : Freeze

Hi everyone, hope that you had an amazing week. Well for the interpretation of Day 4, Freeze was considered in the time management perspective. "Could I freeze time, cause I think I need more!", has this ever happened to you. The sketch was inspired by the great Salvador Dali. Well, I leave you here to... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 3 : Bait

Heya, all! Hope that you are rocking the day as usual... For today's interpretation of bait was love at first sight, be it towards a person or an artwork... Is that relatable? 👀 Well, this happens to me all the time, I get attracted easily by the artworks in galleries and to mention how I... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 2: Mindless

Heya! Hope that you are rocking the day, cause I am 😊 ! Well, to interpret mindless, I drew a self portrait whereby the concept is being explored. The drawing depicts the mind in absence but the heart in action. The moment the heart takes control of the mind and our holistic decisions, the moment... Continue Reading →

Inktober Day 1: Ring

Heya! Hope that you are doing good. To kick start the challenge, the Ring concept was viewed as being a commitment; a commitment to relationships; be it friend, best friend or a dear one. A ring is not necessary to be present to communicate this commitment, however, trust and honesty are enough to build this... Continue Reading →

Inktober 2019

Hi everyone, hope that you are doing good... It has been a long time! Well, we are excited to announce that Dep'Art.mu took up the Inktober challenge and we are ready to unleash our ink-ish creativity and imagination throughout this artistic month on October. We would be glad to see your amazing artistry as well!... Continue Reading →

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