Quote drawing challenge

"Your Eyes are a reflection of your spirit"  I decided to for the quote drawing challenge. This quote was chosen as I wanted to explore on eye lenses, pupil and eyebrows. For that exercise, I opted for watercolour to learn more about the light, shade, saturation and hues of the eyes and the skin around... Continue Reading →

Vincent Van Gogh and his chopped off ear.

Many people out there might be asking why I'm talking about Van Gogh... But to let you know, Vincent Van Gogh has been and will always be one of my legendary artists in history. Growing up as an artist, Van Gogh's artwork has always been fascinating. That Dutch/Post-Impressionist painter has been through a lot of phases... Continue Reading →

Line Therapy

Hi there! Have you ever pondered about how we think of images in our minds? Well, it all starts with simple lines which then connect together and form complete figures.  Likewise, when ideas are put on paper, they are being experimented with lines. Little did we know that line art might be a thing and... Continue Reading →

Portrait Drawing

Hi everyone. I hope you are having an amazing week so far. I wanted to pull up with an art tutorial on portrait drawing without reference. Trust me following these quick step by step procedure you will be a good at portrait-sketching as well. First, start with a circle to obtain the shape of the... Continue Reading →

Colour Mixing

Hiya! How's life? I'm great. Thanks for asking. Art has always been fascinating through colours and artists are always exploring the colour wheel to fascinate their audiences. Playing with different hues on the palette might be a challenge, thus the understanding of the distinction between primary, secondary and tertiary colours will make your colour-mixing significantly... Continue Reading →

Psychology of Colour.

It's true, colour does have an impact on our brain. For years, artists, designers, and other creators have been manipulating colours to satisfy their audiences, as researches declared that colour plays a major role in our state of mind. We are easily influenced by the way we feel and relax with the colours that surround... Continue Reading →

Tips when getting started with watercolour.

In case you're getting started with watercolour, look at this rundown of pro tips that will change your life for good. Watercolour is fun and beautiful but sometimes quite intimidating. But watercolour amateurs, don't let that to drive you off. 1. Mix enough paint to cover the entire wash area for an even consistency and... Continue Reading →

Why Dep’Art

Hiya! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Since the rebranding, which was yesterday, I got a lot of compliments and questions on Dep'Art. Well, if you are wondering why that name was chosen, then you may continue to read. To be honest, the rebranding process was way harder than I thought it would be.... Continue Reading →


It's always hard to keep schtum while working on an exciting project, especially something involving my passion, Art. I'm super excited to share with you the rebranding of my artistic Blog page, Facebook Page, Instagram Account and YouTube Channel. I present to you, "Dep'Art". To be honest, "Avi's Art", the initial brand, was very meaningful... Continue Reading →

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